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GLN are reference keys that can link to further information about the company or location. GLN can replace the names and addresses of locations and are particularly useful when automating processes; they allow computers to route information to the correct destination with no manual involvement.


GLN can be used to identify any locations that you need to be uniquely identified for administrative and trading purposes. These can be both internal locations, and locations that your trading partners will use. GLN provide a single method for location identification for all companies in the supply chain, thereby removing the unnecessary costs and errors inevitable when many different schemes co-exist. GLN can:

  • Enable the unique and unambiguous identification of all worldwide locations
  • Be allocated to any location in the supply chain
  • Be used within electronic business messages, and to identify all the parties using data pools
  • Facilitate accurate and automatic processing
  • Simplify data processing and reduce transmission costs and data storage costs for messages

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