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Product Photography service

With the vast usage of digital technology around the world as a way of searching products info and being able to buy them either due to the internet or from mobile applications.

There has been a significant increase in interest in products photography as a way of communicating with the customers through these digital channels, frankly, the image of the product plays an important role in consumer's appetite to buy the product, and the quality of the image and the correct way of displaying the product images have a significant impact on the consumer's decision to purchase.

Product Photography service
Product Photography service

We at the GS1, Out of our goals to train the Jordanian companies to be able and be qualified to keep up with the quick development for the digital technology, we're developing our services to include the latest updates according to global specifications and standards to help the product to be visible in all supply chain stages and point of sales, even the digital platforms.

And one of these services is the GS1 Jordan member service, which allows the companies to upload data and photos of the products according to global standards, the marketplaces demand for product service takes a large part of our attention, and to ensure the provision of a high-quality photographic service that is compatible with the global standards.

We have built partnerships with studios that are specialized in professional product photography with the required standards, the way that photos have been taken in, the size of the images, and the type of images, all to be able to include them within the various platforms on the internet to comply with different platforms.

As the product image is one of the basic data that must be available about the product to be able to promote it through shopping sites and to become available within the trusted source of data, for all consumers, stakeholders, and legislative bodies, and interested people from around the world (verified by GS1).